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    1.ENERGY SOLAR PANELS - produce DC electricity from sunlight.

    2.SUPPORTING STRUCTURE - holds the solar panel on the roof, facade, ground or supports.

    3.BATTERY SYSTEM - saves electricity during the day to be used at night. (It is not a mandatory element.)

    4.INVERTER SYSTEM - Converts DC electricity to AC. Includes performance monitoring system.

    5.ADDITIONAL MATERIALS - bi-directional meter, transformer, cables and connectors, switches, protection, etc.


    Work and services.

    1.ANALYSIS OF ENERGY consumption on your electricity bill.

    2.ANALYSIS OF THE PROJECT - measurements, checking of meters, etc.

    3.COMPLETE ENGINEERING PROJECT - with all necessary calculations and signed by the engineer.

    4.APPROVAL OF THE PROJECT BY THE COMMUNITY - Obtaining all necessary approvals for installation.

    5.INSTALLATION OF THE SOLAR SYSTEM: roof, facade, ground and other surfaces.

    6.CONNECTION OF THE SOLAR PLANT - connection of the solar plant to your electrical system

    7.INSTALLATION OF THE SOLAR SUPPLY - licensing, documentation, certification.


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